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Sleigh Ride -- A Leroy Anderson Centennial Celebration
Volume Two

5/80 Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ
Jasper & Marian Sanfilippo Residence
Barrington, Illinois

Leroy Anderson (1908-1975), composer of timeless hits such as Sleigh Ride, Blue Tango, and The Syncopated Clock, was one of the most important and prolific composers of instrumental music of the 20th century. In honor of Anderson's centennial year, RJE Productions is pleased to present a two-volume release of the nearly complete works of Leroy Anderson.

Sleigh Ride and its companion disc Blue Tango contain 50 compositions and over 2 1/2 hours of Anderson classics, making these discs the most comprehensive collection of Leroy Anderson's music ever recorded - and the only such collection performed on the theatre pipe organ!

In addition, and by special permission of the Anderson family, this disc contains the world-premiere recording of the Cambridge Centennial March Of Industry -- a recently discovered unpublished composition that Leroy Anderson wrote specifically for the organ.

The selections on this volume are:
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Belle Of The Ball
  • Summer Skies
  • Buglers' Holiday
  • Jazz Pizzicato
  • Jazz Legato
  • The Scottish Suite
    • The Blue Bells Of Scotland
    • Turn Ye To Me
  • Home Stretch
  • The Girl In Satin
  • Horse And Buggy
  • China Doll
  • Promenade
  • Forgotten Dreams
  • Fiddle Faddle
  • The Song Of The Bells
  • Sandpaper Ballet
  • Saraband
  • Plink, Plank, Plunk
  • Baladette
  • Cambridge Centennial March Of Industry
  • Piano Concerto In C for Piano And Orchestra

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Total Playing Time Blue Tango: 77:21
Total Playing Time Sleigh Ride: 79:19
Total Playing Time Both Volumes: 2:36:40

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