• 25 Tracks
  • Release Date: December 10, 2007

Pipe Organ Extravaganza XI
Rialto Square Theatre Joliet, Illinois

4/27 Grande Barton Theatre Pipe Organ
Allen GW-4 Digital Theatre Organ
Allen Digital Classical Organ
4/26 Van Der Molen Residence Robert Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
5/80 Sanfilippo Residence Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ

The legendary Pipe Organ Extravaganza celebrates its eleventh anniversary in this special 2-CD album. Beginning with a sensational debut in 1996, the Rialtofest concert series has drawn capacity audiences into the Rialto Sqaure Theatre each year since. Recorded live on April 27-29, 2007, this album features over two hours of exciting music, showcasing the talents of Jelani Eddington, Jonas Nordwall, Donna Parker, and Martin Ellis. The DePaul University Wind Ensemble also makes appearances on this album.

The album also contains several bonus tracks featuring material from concerts from other Chicago-area theatre organs used during the Rialtofest concert weekend, including the 5-manual 80-rank Sanfilippo Residence Wurlitzer, and the 4-manual 26-rank Van Der Molen residence Robert Morton.

The selections on this recording include:

Jelani Eddington (Rialto Square Theatre 4/27 Barton, Allen GW-4, & 4/26 Van Der Molen Morton)

    • Johnny One Note (Rialto-Barton)
    • The Comedian’s Gallop (Rialto-Allen)
    • Over The Rainbow (Rialto-Allen)
    • El Relicario (Rialto-Barton)
    • Frank Sinatra Medley (Rialto-Barton)
    • Get Happy (Van Der Molen)
    • And This Is My Beloved (Van Der Molen)
    • Bacchanale (Van Der Molen)

Trio Con Brio (Jonas Nordwall, Donna Parker, Martin Ellis) (Rialto Square Theatre & Sanfilippo 5/80 Wurlitzer)

    • Theme From The Simpsons (Rialto)
    • Procession Of The Sardar (Rialto)
    • Suite From Harry Potter (Rialto)
    • Mean Green Mother From Outer Space (Sanfilippo)

Jonas Nordwall (solo) (Rialto Square Theatre, Van Der Molen Residence, Sanfilippo Residence)

    • Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Rialto)
    • Serenade (from the Student Prince (Rialto)
    • Tico-Tico (Van Der Molen)
    • Night Train (Van Der Molen)
    • 1970s Medley(Van Der Molen)
    • Unchained Melody (Sanfilippo)
    • Pinball Wizard (Sanfilippo)

Donna Parker (solo) (Rialto Square Theatre, Sanfilippo Residence)

    • Powerhouse (Rialto)
    • Avenue C (Sanfilippo)
    • Chelsea Bridge (Sanfilippo)

Martin Ellis (Rialto Square Theatre, Sanfilippo Residence)

    • They All Laughed (Rialto)
    • Goofus (Sanfilippo)
    • Pomp And Circumstance (Sanfilippo)

All artists and the DePaul University Wind Ensemble

  • That’s Entertainment Medley
  • Instant Concert (wind ensemble solo)
  • America The Beautiful
  • The Stars And Stripes Forever

This recording is available as a special commemorative 2-CD set.