• 31 Tracks
  • Release Date: October 07, 2015

Musical Jewels
Pipe Organ Extravaganza XII
Rialto Square Theatre Joliet, Illinois

4/27 Grande Barton Theatre Pipe Organ
Allen GW-4 Digital Theatre Organ
Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano
4/26 Van Der Molen Residence Robert Morton Theatre Pipe Organ
4/27 Krughoff Residence Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ
5/80 Sanfilippo Residence Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ

The legendary Pipe Organ Extravaganza celebrates its twelfth anniversary in this special 2-CD album. Beginning with a sensational debut in 1996, the Rialtofest concert series has drawn capacity audiences into the Rialto Sqaure Theatre each year since. Recorded live on April 25-27, 2008, this album features over two hours of exciting music, showcasing the talents of Jelani Eddington, Ken Double, Chris Elliot, Jim Riggs, and Clark Wilson. The Joliet American Legion Band makes its debut Rialtofest appearances on this album.

The album also contains several bonus tracks featuring material from concerts from other Chicago-area theatre organs used during the Rialtofest concert weekend, including the 5-manual 80-rank Sanfilippo Residence Wurlitzer, the 4-manual 27-rank Krughoff Residence Wurlitzer, and the 4-manual 26-rank Van Der Molen residence Robert Morton.

The selections on this recording include:

Disc One (78:55)

    • Irving Berlin Medley (All)
    • Ashley Miller Arrangements (CW)*
    • Cole Porter Selections (CW)*
    • George Wright Medley (CW)*
    • Il Pagliacci Selections (CE)*
    • Medley From Swingtime (CE)*
    • In My Garden (CE)*
    • I Want To Be Happy (JR)***
    • Organ Stop Boogie (CG)**
    • Anyone Can Whistle (CG & JE)**
    • Love Walked In (CG)**
    • Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree (CG & JE)**
    • So Beats My Heart For You (KD)***
    • Jalousie (All)

Disc Two (79:34)

    • Sweet Land Of Liberty (Band)
    • Harry James Medley (KD)***
    • Turkish Towel (CE)*
    • Tea For Two (JR)***
    • Warner Brothers Medley (JR)***
    • Home In Pasadena (JR)***
    • Paramount On Parade (JR)***
    • Malaguena (JE) (piano)
    • Just One Of Those Things (CG)
    • Body And Soul (CG)
    • Dance Of The Hours (JE)**
    • If He Walked Into My Life (KD)
    • Back Bay Shuffle (JE)**
    • I Concentrate On You (JR)
    • I’ve Got A Lot Of Livin’ To Do (CW)
    • Patriotic Medley (All)
    • The Stars And Stripes Forever (All)


KD=Ken Double, JE=Jelani Eddington, CE=Chris Elliott, CG=Chris Gorsuch, JR=Jim Riggs, CW=Clark Wilson

Performances are at the Rialto Square Theatre unless otherwise indicated.

*Van Der Molen Residence, **Krughoff Residence, ***Sanfilippo Residence

This recording is available as a special commemorative 2-CD set.